M.K.( 22 February 2014)

“My autistic son to date has been largely echolalic. In the last two weeks (we have done 7 weeks of your treatment so far) he has been coming out with some spontaneous sentences and interactions – we nearly fell over when he said ‘sit on the couch mum – watch Wallace and grommit ‘. ”

J.C. (14 February 2014)

(Twin) Boys are taking the supplements well enough… It’s only been a couple weeks now however they are still improving with their Receptive Language and I got my first ‘love you’ from one after waiting for 6yrs so that was the best thing yet ?


Dear Heather
Thank you so much for your emails. I cannot believe that you have been thinking of me, you are amazing. I just feel that I need quiet time to sit and read your report properly and then abide by it as much as I can. Thank you so much again, you have no idea how grateful I am to be in your care.

Kind regards, Marg

“Speech is emerging more frequently for Mia since being on the supps. From one word ‘mum’. Mia has since said ‘No’, ‘Bye’, ‘See ya’, Dad, and just yesterday said ‘Hi’! While Mia has always verbalised sounds in response to a request or a question, it’s so exciting to hear the words that she has long been trying to say. Only way is up from here!” – Hayley

Fetin explains the process that Dr Heather Way recommended and how Jensen has improved dramatically in response.

Agnes describes how Lorcan is now speaking and expressing himself as his imagination bursts out.


Heather – I truly know GAPS is healing our children, I am very passionate about it – yes we have our ups and downs BUT it’s amazing the miracles!!! Your support is one of our greatest blessings this year – my husband and I really do appreciate your support and advice. Thank you for everything, you are truly my GAPS angel.
have a lovely day!
Cheers Helen!

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