Gut Conditions

We can help you with leaky gut, IBS, food intolerances, IBD

Gut Overview

Scientific evidence is highlighting the fact that your health is directly impacted by your gut.


We will work with your GP to implement our SIBO protocols and maximise success.


Probiotics are vital for good health. We help you incorporate these foods into your diet


We use the latest research and diagnostic tools available to get an accurate picture of you.

Gut Healing Diets

Nutrition platforms and recipes ideas make implementing the changes easy.

Did you know?

The human body hosts around 100 trillion microorganisms? This thriving ecosystem inside your gut is called your microbiome.  Our bodies are quite simply a host environment for bacteria. They use us for their own purposes. The molecules produced by the DNA of these bacteria have significant impact on our health.

Our microbiome has been linked to everything from obesity to autism, cancer to autoimmune and allergic disorders and even heart disease and diabetes. Our gut flora also serves a vital purpose in stimulating the body’s immune system, especially immunoglobulin A (Secretory IgA), representing the first line of immune defense.  Sec IgA accounts for approximately 80% of our total immunity, keeping us healthy by suppressing or warding off bacterial, fungal, parasitic and viral pathogens (germs) and toxins, and preventing them from spreading or penetrating through the gut wall to cause infection or disease.  Beneficial flora further plays a part in the digestion and absorption of food and nutrients, such as fermenting soluble fibre into short-chain fatty acids,synthesising B vitamins, and so on.