Through gene sequencing and microbiome profiling, TACGA, The Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis, can investigate your gut issues and see where improvements can be made.  You will receive a bio-individualised health report tailored to regulate your unique DNA, alongside personalised solutions to restore your microbiome. Gut troubles? IBS, SIBO, Reflux, Constipation or the opposite? Tried “everything”? We are gut health experts at TACGA. We use the latest in DNA and microbiome profiling technologies. You will receive a bio-individualised report.

Do you have gut problems. The Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis TACGA can help you. Gut issues? The Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis TACGA can do a microbiome analysis to see what is in your gut. Do you have gut pain, constipation, diarrhoea, chronic gut condition? Microbiome sequencing can help.  Bloating in your stomach, gurgling gut pain, bad gas, reflux, smelly gas, burping, metagenomic sequencing of your gut microbiome is helpful.  IBS, SIBO, microbiome analysis is useful. Do you have pain in your gut. Indigestion? Intestinal distress and Stomach pain? Microbiome 16S or metagenomic sequencing can help. The Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis TACGA use smartDNA and Microba microbiome sequencing analysis. Does your gut ache? What microbes do you have in your gut? The Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis TACGA can rebuild your microbiome, rebuild and restore your gut health. Stool testing is invaluable to solving gut issues and restoring your microbiome. DNA testing and microbiome sequencing are the missing link to your gut recovery. The Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis TACGA use precision DNA sequencing technology to sequence your microbiome using metagenomics and 16S sequencing. IBS, IBD, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis can all be managed with specialist targeted sequencing strategies from The Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis TACGA. Test your gut bacteria in your microbiome, get a personalised diet plan to rebuild and restore your gut microbiome. The Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis TACGA give you access to leading edge 16S and metagenomic DNA sequencing technology. Receive diet and lifestyle recommendations based on your DNA sequence and microbiome analysis data from a registered nutritionist and nutrigenomist at The Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis TACGA. SmartDNA uses 16S rRNA sequencing to sequence your microbiome down to a species level. Microba look at bacteria, viruses, fungi and archae in the gut microbiome. The Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis TACGA Sequences the DNA of your gut microbes to identify pathogens associated with conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Crohn’s Disease. Microba uses metatranscriptomic analysis to sequence all the RNA in your stool and identify all living gut microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, bacteriophages, archaea, fungi, yeast, parasites, etc.) at a species level. On request or referral, your doctor will receive a clinical report from The Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis TACGA on your microbiome and possible links to specific infections and gut conditions. Poor diet is one of the biggest factors. “The modern diet is loaded with processed grains and carbohydrates, and carbs feed the bad bacteria,” “You’ve got to minimize those and eat more vegetables than anything else. The fibre in vegetables feeds a better spectrum of microflora than the fibre in grains.”

Are you tired of feeling sick and tired? The Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis (TACGA) can harness the latest DNA technology to get to the root of your chronic health issues.

Gut health is critical to our wellbeing. Our gut health has been linked to everything from obesity to autism, cancer to autoimmune and allergic disorders and even heart disease and diabetes. Our gut also serves a vital purpose in stimulating the body’s immune system, hence healing our gut health will also reduce our susceptibility to colds, flus and gastrointestinal issues. Gut bacteria are especially central to gut health, as they contribute towards digestion and metabolic balance. Some people consider the gut flora to constitute an “organ” as it is so important for general and gut health. An imbalance in the gut flora leading to the overgrowth of harmful bacteria and yeast in the gut is known as dysbiosis, which be a detriment to gut health but also general health. Another detriment to gut health can be small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) as it contributes to bacteria growing in the wrong part of the gut. Many people believe that dysbiosis lies at the root of many serious health complaints, not just limited to poorer gut health such as IBS and IBD, but also systemic issues such as chronic fatigue, eczema, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and depression, and other mental disorders such as autism. It is vital that gut integrity, gut health and function are optimized for the brain to remain protected and allow it to function to it’s full capacity. To improve gut health, it is important to consider genetic predisposition, diet, gut flora and biochemical status. Genetic predisposition is important to gut health because levels of inflammation, detoxification and nutrient absorption can be corrected this way. Diet is important because what we eat influence our gut bacteria and nutrient absorption, and hence impacts our gut health in that way. The use of gut healing diets like the GAPS diet contributes to gut health by improving the gut lining, thereby reducing the likelihood of issues such as leaky gut. Biochemical status is also important for gut health because it determines the nutrients available to restore the gut when it is damaged. At TACGA we consider all these factors equally important when determining the optimal way towards gut healing and long term gut health. We acknowledge that gut health has a central part to play in assisting our clients in their overall health journey. If you are ready to stop going in circles band-aiding the symptoms, we are ready to help you treat the root cause.