Deirdre Parkinson


Director and Head Researcher

Heather has a PhD in molecular genetics, she is not a medical Doctor. She has a passion for autism research. Please click on the button below for more on her story as an Autism Mum, Nutrigenomic clinician and Autism Researcher.



Theresia seems to be defined by all things food. Not only is she a Nutritionist and Nutrigenomist in our clinic but also a Food Scientist, Microbiologist, Nutrition teacher, keen home cook, religious farmers markets attendee and mum of two kids with food allergies.

Deirdre Parkinson


I am very passionate about helping people with their health journey. My medical background began with a nursing degree, specializing in maternity nursing. From those early years I had always held an interest in nutrition. My experiences revealed that there are also psycho-emotional roots of disease. I completed a degree in psychology. I have worked in many hospitals in many different fields of medicine. Those opportunities have given me an appreciation of the benefits of orthodox medicine, but at the same time ignited my passion for healing the natural way. After completing my studies in naturopathy/nutrition in 2004, I have been working towards further blending the best of medicine with the best of Nutrition with specialised interest and training in the field of Nutrigenomics

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Helen Meier


Clinic Manager and Practitioner

Amanda is very passionate about the clinic and the principles it stands by, having two children- one with Autism allows her to relate to the families that we see here. Early on she learnt the power of nutrition in the treatment of Autism, this led her to completing a BhSc in Nutritional medicine. As a fully qualified Nutritionist and Nutrigenomist with in depth management experience Amanda is able to ensure the core principles of the clinic are upheld and the clinic runs smoothly. Her son continues to make improvements every day while following the TACGA program, which only strengthens her commitment to helping others.



Tracy’s motto is ‘Connecting Hearts for a better world’. Her passion for helping people together with her experience in customer service enables her to be of value at reception, where she gives her best at all times.¬† Her experience as a mum of three sons, together with her holistic heart based approach to guiding others compliments the ethics of our centre.



Helen has worked in Nutrition for many years and has completed a BhSc in Nutritional medicine. Helen is a perfect fit for our centre as a fully qualified Nutritionist with a great deal of both front and back of house experience and a real passion for helping people.