• Fussy eater? 
  • Exhausted from meltdowns? 
  • Communication issues?  

We can help your child reach their full potential.

Gut Health
  • Feeling bloated?
  • Constipation or diarrhoea?
  • IBS, Leaky gut?
  • SIBO?

 We can help you back to better health

Chronic Illness
  • Tired of feeling sick and tired all the time?
  • Want a holistic approach to your wellness?

We can help you thrive, not just survive.

Treating The Real Cause of Your Health Issues — Your Genes

Rather than just managing the symptoms, DNA testing gets to the root cause of your health issues — that means no more guesswork, you receive Customised Treatment Plans, no more wasting money on irrelevant therapies and supplements that don't work.

To book an assessment


Step 1 Book an assessment

Private assessments can be done online via Skype from anywhere in the world OR in-person in our Brisbane clinic.

Book a Skype Consult

Step 2:  We send you the appropriate DNA testing Kits

If your condition is a good fit for one of our specialist programs, we will send you the testing kits for our highly trained Nutrigenomic clinicians to analyse.

Step 3: Get a customised treatment plan based on your DNA results

Get on-going support through monthly appointments. We personalise your treatment plan according to your DNA, biochemistry and microbiome test results.