A Revolutionary New Approach To Restoring Health

Treating The Real Cause of Your Health Issues — Your Genes

Rather than just managing the symptoms, DNA testing gets to the root cause of your health issues — that means no more guesswork, you receive Customised Treatment Plans, no more wasting money on irrelevant therapies and supplements that don't work.

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Autism Genomics

Fussy eater?

Exhausted from meltdowns?

Communication issues?

Help your child reach their full potential.

Gut Genomics
Gut Health

Feeling bloated?

Constipation or diarrhoea?

IBS, Leaky gut? SIBO?

 We can help you back to better health and wellness

Wellness Genomics
Chronic Illness

Feeling sick?

Tired all the time?

Want a holistic approach to your wellness?

We can help you thrive, not just survive.

Our Peer Reviewed Research Papers

Genomics as a Clinical Decision Support Tool: Successful Proof of Concept for Improved ASD Outcomes
Utilizing Genomically Targeted Molecular Data to Improve Patient-Specific Outcomes in Autism Spectrum Disorder

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How it works

Start on the journey to full potential by following the steps below

Step 1: Book an assessment

Private assessments can be done online via Skype from anywhere in the world . Contact us to learn more

Step 2:  We send you a DNA testing Kits

If your condition is a good fit for one of our specialist programs, we will send you the testing kits for our highly trained Nutrigenomic clinicians to analyse.

Step 3: Get a customised treatment plan based on your DNA results

Get on-going support through monthly appointments. We personalise your treatment plan according to your DNA, biochemistry and microbiome test results.