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A Revolutionary Natural Approach To Restoring Health

Powerful Personalised Programs

The Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis is the only clinic in the world to offer specialised genomics programs tailored for Autism/ADHD, Brain optimisation, Healthy ageing and Enhancing gut health. These exclusive 12-18 month programs are delivered online via telehealth consultations by fully trained nutrigenomists to clients all over the world.

Science + Superfoods = Success

Address the root cause of your issues – your DNA. Leverage the latest advances in genomics, using state of the art technology and research, developed in collaboration with our Dr Heather Way (PhD). Nutrigenomic solutions involving food, supplements and lifestyle changes are then crafted according to your unique DNA with unparalleled precision.

Autism Program

Every child on the spectrum is unique, their DNA, their essence, is unlike any other. We recognise and celebrate these differences, and tailor solutions for each child according to their DNA to respect and address their individuality and resonate with who they are at a cellular level. Find out more about our innovative approach developed by Dr Heather Way (PhD) to help your child reach their full potential.

Brain Optimisation Program

Are you concerned that Alzheimer’s or dementia run in your family line? TACGA can identify your risk factors using cognitive health gene testing. Evidence-based advice helps safeguard your brain health into the future. Your genes are not your destiny, embrace a new dawn of hope. Start your empowering journey now, you deserve peace of mind.

Wellness Programs

Are you interested in wellness genomics or Biohacking for healthy ageing? TACGA can identify your unique risk factors in key areas including skin cancer, osteoporosis, heart health, macular degeneration and diabetes. Interventions are tailored according to your DNA, ensuring alignment with your individual needs and real lasting solutions. Are you ready to make a strategic investment in your long-term health? You are worth it.

Gut Health Programs

At The Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis we specialise in a range of gut conditions including IBS, dysbiosis, leaky gut and SIBO. We tailor probiotics and prebiotics, according to your results using the latest advances in specialist microbiome sequencing and organic acid testing.

Your Menu Planner

We give you access to your own online nutrition platform personalised to your needs, according to your test results. It is designed to cater for numerous styles of diets including gluten free/dairy free, Paleo, low oxalate, low histamine, low salicylate etc. It contains over 2000 recipes and includes menu planners to make implementing any changes as easy as possible.

The Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis