Gut Health

Feeling discomfort, bloated, constipation or diarrhoea, IBS, SIBO, Dysbiosis, GERD, leaky gut etc?


Help your child reach their full potential. We have developed an exciting new ASD treatment program using nutrigenomic and microbiome sequencing.

Chronic Illness

Your genes are not your destiny, gene expression can be changed. In this way we can treat the cause rather than just managing symptoms.

Nutrigenomics and Microbiome sequencing are shaping the future of health-care.

Personalised DNA testing gets to the root cause of your health issues. Bio-individualised interventions means no more guesswork. It’s not about having more genes, rather it’s about clear interpretation of the relevant genes. All our practitioners are hand-picked, well qualified experts who will help you get the most out of your DNA test results. Be empowered, make informed choices and take positive action that can literally change your future.