Gut Health Program

Are you uncomfortable all day long? Research highlights the fact that your health is directly impacted by your gut. We can help you with gut issues like IBS, bloating, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Burping, Reflux, flatulence, SIBO and more. Our Gut health program involves 4 consultations. We will determine your needs, organise specialist testing (including SIBO testing if necessary) and personalised analysis and follow-up with you.  We use the latest in microbiome genomics research from smartDNA in Australia and other diagnostic tools such as organic acid testing to get an accurate picture of you. Prebiotics, probiotics, gut healing agents and personalised diets are then recommended according to your results. Access to your personalised online nutrition platform with recipes makes implementing these changes easy.
The program investment in your gut health including consultations ranges from AU$3100-$4700 depending on your testing requirements.