Brain Optimisation Program

The exciting Brain Optimization Report is designed to optimize your cognition, memory and overall brain health. It focuses on helping you to understand the reversible and modifiable causes of memory loss from brain fog to dementia, including vascular dementia, hippocampal atrophy and ischemic factors. There are hundreds of variants in our DNA that affect cognition. This report also includes nutrigenomics, inflammation, detox, hormones and methylation factors that contribute to brain health. Although the well-known APOE e4 gene variant is highlighted in this report, it is only one piece of a complex puzzle. This report is being used by functional and integrative medical physicians and researchers across the country including Dr. Dale Bredesen, author of End of Alzheimer’s, and other published researchers across the country.

Over 500 clinically significant gene variants are analyzed and linked to research within 21 different organized topics allowing clinicians to provide a highly individualized health plan to optimize quality of life and achieve health goals.

  • Autism Spectrum Contributing Pathways
  • Neurodevelopmental Research
  • Extensive Inflammation and Immune-Related Pathways
  • Gluten Intolerance and Other Gut Related Pathways
  • Anxiety and Stress Vulnerability
  • Attention and Focus
  • ADHD Stimulant Response
  • Obsession, Rumination and Compulsions
  • And all other pathways included in our Mental Wellness Report