Fussy Eating Protocols

Is your child a fussy eater?  Would you like help with teaching them how to eat?  Does your child struggle with gut issues?   We have developed an ASD specific protocol to help you teach your child how to eat.

We work with some of the best doctors and therapists in Australia.  We can help teach your child to enjoy wholesome real foods rather than chips, biscuits, bread and ice cream (which is what most ASD children crave and adore). This is critical to the success of our integrated program involving diet, genetic and gut restoration.

First we start with sorting out any biochemical reasons around sensory defensiveness and supplement if necessary. Next we play LOTS of food games appropriate to the age of the child/ teen to make food fun. We then use a modified Paleo / GAPS style healing protocol for autism.

It might seem an impossible dream, but we can assure you thousands of autistic children worldwide (including our own) have successfully navigated this healing protocol. We can help you to do it too. It can be done, slowly and carefully at the child’s pace, taking into account their sensory preferences. We will show you how, and support you every step of the way. We will navigate fussy eating, sensory defensiveness, food intolerances and all the well known gut problems that walk hand in hand with Autism.

We assure you this is not only possible, it is essential, to get your child off gluten and dairy and also eating healthy unprocessed, nutritious whole foods.