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The IntellxxDNA Clinical Decision Support Tool
With detailed discussions of over 700 SNPs and over 10,000 references, our clinical decision support software provides comprehensive, accessible medical reports and scientific explanations of specific genomic patient data. IntellxxDNA puts the world of medical genomics research and functional medicine interventions at your fingertips

What Sets Us Apart
Accuracy and Integrity of Research
Released only to licensed health care professionals, our reporting and analytics follow strict guidelines that ensure only studies with good scientific evidence and appropriate confidence levels are included. Utilizing our proprietary analytical methodology, IntellxxDNA provides clinicians with unbiased, scientifically current data reflecting potential additive risks and benefits that are clinically significant and scientifically supported.

The Convergence of Traditional, Functional and Integrative Medicine
Our personalized reports help clinicians understand gene function and explore potential prevention and intervention strategies. One key feature of our reports is our detailed discussions of potential interventions, which include elements from integrative and functional medicine as well as traditional medicine. Clinical reports are divided into health risk and benefit categories, where genomic single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are grouped to show risks and benefits. As a Clinical Decision Support Tool, IntellxxDNA gives you enough information about potential interventions, including information about supplement mechanisms, studies and dosing, so that you can truly develop informed, targeted plans.