Our clinic loves fermentation!

Fermented foods are probiotic and prebiotic rich, making them ideal to help balance the gut microbiome and packed with easily digestible nutrients! At TACGA we love using fermented foods in combination with expertise stool testing to determine exactly what bacteria we need to use to give your gut what it needs to heal.

Probiotics are live, beneficial microorganisms, which are an essential part of healing our Microbiome. When taken in a fermented food form, they can help to recolonise the gut flora, reinforce the immune system and help out-compete bad bacteria. Prebiotics are non-digestible substances found in some foods that actively ‘feed’, or stimulate, the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Fermented foods, unlike probiotic supplements, tend to contain both pro and prebiotics required to balance the bowel.

 Cultured or fermented foods are nature’s probiotics. Before refrigeration, our ancestors used lactic acid fermentation in the form of cultured foods as the original method of food preservation. In the old days, we consumed probiotics through the food we ate.  Today, however with refrigeration and processed foods- we are missing an essential aspect of our original diet – probiotic foods. Sadly eating cultured foods went out of fashion and with the overuse of antibiotics, and increased C-section deliveries, our children are not only having their beneficial bacteria wiped out, but they also have no way of replenishing their stores of good bacteria.   

 Luckily, cultured foods are making a comeback. Not only are they an essential part of a healthy diet, but they also taste great. Most people believe that fermented foods simply involve Sauerkraut, but in reality most foods can be fermented!

Here are some delicious ferment ideas.  

  1. Coconut water kefir (a fizzy drink you can flavour with fruits like strawberries or mandarins)

  2. Kombucha (another fizzy drink that tastes amazing with raspberries or lemons) 

  3. Ginger cultured carrots are sweet and crunchy, the most kid-loved cultured veggies 

  4. Apple goji is a nice sweet starter kraut

  5. Transform your standard tomato sauce, mustard, mayo and barbecue sauce using probiotic powders  

  6. Probiotic dips such as guacamole and gut-friendly hommous

  7. Home-made coconut cream yogurt 

  8. Coconut yoghurt “cheesecake” 

  9. Cultured chutneys 

  10. Cultured jams  

  11. Cultured apple puree – or any fruit puree 

  12. Cultured fruit leathers – made from dehydrating puree above 

  13. Dressings made with olive oil and kombucha vinegar 

  14. Probiotic goodie balls and jellies

We have recorded our previous live workshops designed to educate and empower people to incorporate healing foods into their diet.  Our series contains 2 workshops available to download from our online store

1. Working with coconut yoghurt (desserts and dips)

2. Fermented drinks and gut-healing treats, Sauerkraut & fermented vegetables, salsas etc