We have designed and filmed 2 fermentation workshops which are available from our online shop.

  1. Working with coconut yoghurt and Fermented and gut-healing treats
  2. Sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables, dips and drinks

The workshops follow the principles of what we practise in our clinic – that the gut is central to your wellbeing and that healing it is critical to improving a whole host of conditions such as:

-Immune function

-ASD and mental health

-Gastrointestinal conditions like IBS/IBD, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, etc..

-Autoimmune conditions

-Allergies and sensitivities

-Leaky gut

Other benefits to your family include reducing sugar cravings, balancing the gut flora and healing the gut, detoxification, anti-aging, vitamins and minerals, lose weight, and saving money on expensive probiotics.

We demonstrate recipes to you and run you through the theory behind why we believe these recipes are so important to make a part of your routine.